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WATCH: Fresh warning after washing machine fire

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WATCH: Fresh warning after washing machine fire
Issue Time:2017-11-10

WATCH: Fresh warning after washing machine fire

A washing machine fire in Penzance has sparked a fresh safety warning.
Crews called to Adelaide Street on Sunday morning are urging homeowners to keep them clean and maintained.
Teams wearing breathing kit used a thermal imaging camera and hoses to douse the flames.
A spokesperson from Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service said: "An appliance from Penzance Community Fire Station attended to a call reporting a washing machine on fire. The crew used the thermal image camera, two breathing apparatus and a hose reel jet.
"Tumble dryers and washing machines contain powerful motors with fast moving parts that get very hot.
"If you do not clean and maintain your machine, excess fluff or lint can build up over time and catch fire".
Advice from Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service:
Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions before using your dryer
Never leave your appliance unattended or running overnight
Never overload your washing machine or dryer or put items in that have been used to soak up flammable liquids
Keep your dryer well ventilated ensuring the vent pipe is kink free, not blocked or crushed in any way
Clean the filter in your dryer after every use
Have your dryer serviced regularly by a qualified engineer
Don't ignore the warning signs;
Does your tumble dryer smell of burning?
Are your clothes taking longer to dry?
Do the clothes feel hotter at the end of the cycle?
Does the external vent flap stay shut when the dryer is on?
If you notice any of the above, clean the filter and check the vent pipe immediately.

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