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How to running PEX through walls

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How to running PEX through walls
Issue Time:2019-07-19

How to run PEX through walls

    As with other types of pipe, PEX runs are hidden in walls, ceilings and floors. If you must run PEX through structural lumber, be sure to install the material in the center onethird of the stub or joist to protect the tubing from nails and screws during the drywalling process. In general, PEX requires more anchoring than rigid copper, and there are a variety of anchors and brackets to help you do the job. One of the advantages of the PEX is the ability  to bend for change of direction; use 90-degree brackets for that purpose.

    First: PEX is available in many colors, including clear, but many people are settling for blue for cold-water lines and red for hot. When running hot and cold water together, these dual tubing brackets are handy. Place one about every 2 ft. or at every stub or joist space.

    Second: Don't forget to anchor PEX within wall space as well. PEX can take on a wavy look, especially on the hot water side. Plastic tubing brackets work well here and are inexpensive.

    Third: 90-deg. brackets are used inside a wall. Center the holes in the stub width to prevent punctures by drywall nails, and nail the brackets in place.They have a bendable tab on one side, which allows you to lock the tubing into the bracket.

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