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How to install PEX stub-outs

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How to install PEX stub-outs
Issue Time:2019-07-24

How to install PEX stub-outs

There are a variety of ways to terminate PEX tubing runs at plumbing fixtures, and a number are shown in the sequence that follows. For two stub-outs as you would use for a sink, there are brackets that allow you to set the stub-outs and the valves attached to them at precise locations. You can attach the valves directly to the PEX material or terminate the PEX run at copper stub-outs that are held in a copper bracket. In both cases, crimp rings seal the connection. For toilet stub-outs, use specially design copper or galvanized brackets.

Step 1: Water stub-outs need to be rigid and properly spaced at the fixture, typically 4 or 8 in. apart. This carrier bracket provides ample support. Just nail it to the wall studs using galvanized nails, and slide the tubing fasteners for proper spacing.

Step 2: With the bracket nailed in place and the tubing holders in position, feed the tubing into holders from the back. Bend the PEX to fit into the 90-deg. elbow. Cut each tube to the proper length, leaving the tubing stubbed away from the wall 3 to 4 in.

Step 3: Use a screwdriver to secure the tubes in the fitting. Two Phillips-head screws compress the tubes in their holders.

Step 4: With the wallboard in place, slide a chrome trim plate onto the tubing, and install a 1/2-in. PEX *3/8-in. compression stop. Hold the shutoff valve upright, and clamp in. crimp ring over the tube. Leave about 1/4in. of tubing showing at the end.

Step 5: Another easy approach is to use copper stub-outs mounted in a copper bracket. Just nail the bracket across two studs using copper or galvanized nails.

Step 6: Slide two copper x PEX 90-dre. stub-outs into two of the bracket's holes; brush them with flux paste; and solder them in place. You won't need great soldering skills to master this approach. You can solder the stubs before or after nailing the brackets in place.

Step 7: Slide the hot and cold PEX tubes into the stub-outs, and fit each with a crimp ring.

Step 8: Secure each connection with a crimp ring; then anchor these risers every 3 ft. vertically. With PEX, more anchors are better than less.

Step 9: When bringing water to a sink or toilet through the floor, a straight stub-out works best. This time, anchor the stub-out securely below the floor.

Step 10: To create a rigid tub/shower faucet tree, just thread the ends of these shower-kit adapters into the faucet. Use thread-sealing tape or pipe joint compound to prevent a leak. To anchor the tub/shower tree in place, use two hole straps, and screw them to a backing board with drywall screws(insert).

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