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A smart tip for insulation water pipes

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A smart tip for insulation water pipes
Issue Time:2019-09-20

A smart tip -- insulating water pipes

    You can do little that improves a water piping job as much as pipe insulation. Inexpensive and easy to install, pipe insulation dampens much of the noise of running water and limits freezing. It also eliminates condensation in summer and reduces energy costs year-round in two ways. First, it reduces the amount of heat lost through the pipe walls. Second, because hot or cold water temperatures are maintained longer in their respective line, you'll spend less time-and water running the tap, waiting for it to warm up or cool down.

    Pipe insulation comes in several forms.The easiest one to install is made of foam rubber. It comes in a variety of lengths and diameters, and is partially split along one side. When you install it on new piping, you slide it directly onto each new length, leaving the split intact. On existing installations, cut the insulation to length using a utility knife, open the seam, slip the insulation over the pipe, and seal the joint with duct tape or plastic sealing tape.

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