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How to easy-fix flush valve?

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How to easy-fix flush valve?
Issue Time:2019-11-08

How to easy-fix flush valve?

    Here's a flush-valve assembly unlike any other. It consists of an inverted cone that rids up and down on a plastic tower. A simple rubber gasket seals the valve. The design holds up well, but when it fails, all you'll need to do is replace the gasket. Thread the cap from the tower, lift the cone, and press a new gasket in place.

    1: When it is time to replace the gasket, thread the plastic cap from the flush-valve tower.

    2:Lift the tower to expose the sealing gasket. Remove the old gasket.

    3: Replace the gasket by pressing it into place. When seated, reinstall the tower.

    A smart tip for water tank condensation.

     If you see water on the floor near the toilet, it may be nothing more than moisture dripping from the side of the water tank. Condensation on the side of a tank occurs when air in the room is warm and the humidity is high. The warm air condenses when it meets the cool side of the tank. Don't  take this dripping moisture lightly. If you don't wipe up the puddles( or stop the dripping), water can seep beneath the flooring and cause the subfloor to rot. To prevent condensation problems, buy a toilet-tank insulation kit, which consists of polystyrene (usually) tank liners, from a home center. Shut off the water to the toilet, and drain the tank by flushing. Cut the insulating liners to size; apply the supplied adhesive;and install the liners to the inside of the tank. The polystyrene should prevent  the tank sides from becoming so cool that they cause dripping condensation.

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